by Nidhi Samani

The early days of 2021 is transitioning into a spray of artists colours that coincide with the cherry blossoms splurging across the landscape of Taiwan. This season is also seeing Taiwan buzzing with art shows and art events in the cities. Amongst the must see art shows in Taipei, Art Future has attracted great art works from young, emerging snd established artists.

The third edition of the contemporary art fair Art Future, opened in Taipei on Feb. 5, at the beautiful Grand Hyatt Taipei, more information here.

This year there are more than 450 local and international artists, including Cloud Gallery, Art Ile, Lili Art, Yizhan Art Gallery, Ching Yua Art, Gallery Naissance, Donna Art and Yuan Ru Gallery to name few. 

On the tenth floor of the hotel,  the art collectors and art aficionados poured in, in large numbers to catch the preview opening of this vibrant show which is open for the weekend from 5th to 7th Feb just before the Chinese New Year ushers in.  

The concept of art in the room is beautifully exhibited in the luxurious rooms of the Grand Hyatt and cleverly displayed by the galleries.

Art is emotionally engaging for the eyes and for the soul. Collectors and buyers looking for that visual treat will find a great spectrum of vibrant colours, intensive techniques, and art laid out in the rooms, throughout the floor, to intice you to take acloser look and appreciate. The curated displays by the galleries allow visitors to see the art, as it were in your home space. Visitors will get to see the art more closely, meet the artists and understand their passion, process and purpose. 

Established in 2019, Art Future is a representation of contemporary art fair and runs an international awards scheme aimed at promoting emerging artists in Asia.

The event holds “Young & Emerging Section”, “Modern & Contemporary Art Section,” and presents the Art Future Prize to Asian artists aged 40 or under. This year’s four outstanding declared on Friday artist are Liu Xiao-ying (Taiwan) Mohammed Rehman (Bangladesh), Zeng Yanxiang (Taiwan), and Xu Zukwan (Taiwan) is the first prize winner of the Asian Nova Award. 

Some of the artists to look out for are Lee Chung-Chung, Wong Chiu Tat and Dua. 

If you love, collect and get inspired by art, we recommend you prepare to spend few hours at this event. 

Let us have your feedback, encouraging views for the Artists here after your visit as it will encourage us to understand your diverse views around Art events. 

Details of the show:

2021 ART FUTURE 藝術未來

貴賓預展|2021. 2. 5  12:00 – 20:00

公眾展期|2021. 2. 6-7 六日 11:00 – 19:00

宛儒畫廊|1  0  0  7


展覽地點|Grand Hyatt Taipei 台北君悅酒店10F(台北市信義區松壽路二號)