Connecting with technology is the new age. Conversations@Studio-ID has opened its doors to the new age of connecting in isolation, something that ‘2020’ is in the process of writing in history. What are the new shifts that every conversant art community is experiencing? Nations can lockdown, but the new shifts and energies are opening new doors. Nothing can lock down the creative minds. We are those little organisms who continue vibrating with motion of the earth, with the heightened senses, and congregate thoughts and conversations like never before.

We find out from artists around the world how their actions reflect their minds: holding sanity, purpose, connections, and taking that next leap to unfold new paths never walked before.

This week we bring to you Nicola Anthony‘s creative video from her studio in Ireland. She talks about “Artist in Isolation” and how she grabbed some of her art materials from her studio before the lockdown and is making a series of videos to share over the coming weeks. Here is first of the many that she will be  making.