15th to 17th April

EXPO Dome, Taipei Expo Park

ART SOLO 2022 created a special exhibition format of solo art fair. ART SOLO emphasized exquisite solo shows from artists, where the audience explored the artist’s works and their creative process in depth, with accurate benchmarks for collection.

The show was a warm experience of seeing one on one art presented by galleries from across Taiwan. Works from Taiwan, Japan, Korea set the scene of experiential art show. Each gallery had one solo artists works curated to bring a sense of understanding and getting to. know their works more closely, now isn’t that what we miss when we go to big fairs, and have to scourge through thousands of works and hundreds of artists! This show was a perfect setting, and a pleasant experience to enhance the followers and collectors fair exhibition.

Danny Amazonas

We can see the clear image of his work when we take a photo on the camera. Inquisitive and yearning to learn how does he see what he is making when the work is in process? How does he see what the camera can see only when the work is completed? How on earth does he do that? Such is the depth of his kaleidoscopic vision to create what he calls his ‘Freehand Patchwork’ similar to quilting technique, using fabrics from all over the world, glueing them, layering them and stitching them up. The Fibre Art Technique that he has evolved over decades, juxtapositioning the beautiful colourful fabrics. He brings them all in layers giving the infinite depth that eyes cannot capture.

True artists always seem able to see things in ways that the rest of us do not, and when they share what they see so that we can see it too, it takes us on a higher appreciation. He has shown his works across various fairs and museums all over the world.\

His works are represented by Iamavision Gallery.


Using real people, and things to transform into virtual carriers, systematically arranging the composition and importing the picture, transforming the lowest realm of the “surreal world”, Yu Fan’s body of works presents self-interpretation, and an opportunity to re-exploring one’s own growth experience.

His works depicts the lingering moment of existence in the fictional world, the picture simultaneously shelters the infinite space within and the gaze of the viewer, and this experience sends a signal at any time, and lays out the content of the dialogue between the creator and the viewer. His works are represented by Cloud Gallery, Taiwan.

Some more editors picks of interesting arts were

Cindy Ng Sio Leng’s ‘Spring Tide’ presented by Chini Gallery.

Tintin Studio

Joe Murugavell’s Respirar Take a Breath at Fun Year Art Gallery

Yufan Chan represented by Cloud Gallery

Danny Amazonas’ Vision of shimmering colors New Fibre Art.

Zhang Liqi’s One Day-Animism Aura at Estyle Gallery

Hong Chiang Po’s Landscapes at Caves Art Center

Tsai Wei-Cheng’s Nothing is in my grasp, so stride with courage at Rich Art Gallery

Choi Run Beyol at 333 Gallery