British Artist Samantha Redfern

There is never a dull moment in Samantha Redfern’s artmaking process, and it is apparent from a single glance at the British artist’s repertoire of paintings. A trained eye would effortlessly pick up the zest in her strokes gestured upon the liveliness of the background’s colour palette, yet Samantha has made it such that anyone could easily identify with the exuberance emanating from her works. In the most modest of words from the artist herself, “I like creating uplifting art that makes people feel happy.”

Words to a child hold much weight for future developments; in Samantha’s case, it was her nursery teacher’s words of affirmation that sealed the deal in her present-day art career. Having graduated from Bath Spa University with her Bachelor of Arts, Samantha was quick to find her footing in the industry doing sales, recruitment, and business development. Now, she paints almost on a daily basis to satiate her experimental nature while remaining excited by the very prospect of making art. To Samantha, talent is but a contributing factor to her art; practice still remains as the nucleus of her creations.

My Kingdom | Acrylic paint and pen on paper | 59.5cm × 42cm

Samantha has two problems: firstly, she finds difficulty in maintaining her attention for long on most of her undertakings; secondly, she is one with high anxiety levels. Albeit so, these have had a certain meaningful impact on her art. With her initial series heavily embedded in subjects of florals and seascapes since she drew her inspiration mostly from the coastal regions of Singapore, she later delved into the Garden City concept. Coupled with her interest in photography and architecture as extensions from her university days, Samantha’s Cityscape soon took shape thereafter. It became apparent to her that, to rebel against her short attention span and anxiety, retaining pursuits within a single series was not cut out for her. So, the artist began widening her scope towards the incorporation of various other elements as she adds more series into her collection. Ultimately, what stands out most is the recurring composites of organic forms and geometric shapes that pepper the canvas in juxtaposed harmony. For one who finds herself constantly tripping over her scattered thoughts, it is indeed a feat accomplished in maintaining a controlled structure within all that chaos.

The midnight Hour | Mixed media on canvas | 76cm × 76cm

City in the Night | Acrylic on canvas | 76cm × 76cm

“My works are high energy. I like to begin my paintings with loose and gestural brushstrokes before adding up the layers and details.” Samantha sums up her process in a single sweeping statement. Her abstract expressionistic style, playful as it may be, holds a sophisticated side to it. “I never want to be boring, so I try new things with my art.” Fast recognised as an optimistic and cheerful painter, Samantha’s liveliness and her disposition as an impulsive artist has led her to take yet another innovative approach to her designs. Taking reliefs as a departure point, she intends to introduce more textures in a collage-like manner to her paintings. Such expansion on her creative oeuvre will result in sculptural integrations that provides a more three-dimensional layout that befits and reflects her character.

Spring is Here 1 | Mixed media on wood | 30.5cm × 40.5cm

Playtime | Mixed media on canvas | 47cm × 47cm

As the dust begins to settle and the curtains are raised for a new era of art showcases in the industry, Samantha Redfern is all set to take centre stage with her latest collection of artworks. In the end, it is clear that she paints not of images, but of joy in its purest form for all to bask in.

Hopscotch | Mixed media on canvas | 91.5cm × 91.5cm