“Art is not just integrated into my life; it is inherent in me and in my perception of the world. It is a continuous emergence and rebirth of new cultural forms, new psychological dimensions, and states within me.”

Gagauzian artist Dimitri Ayoglu

In the heart of Gagauzia of Eastern Europe within its capital city, Komrat, Dimitri Ayoglu holds a beautiful dream – a dream he is in the midst of fulfilling, by creating art that would be appreciated by all people across continents. Following his passion for painting for as long as he can remember, Ayoglu transcended his education as a realist artist in Lviv Ukrainian Academy of Art through rigorous research and introspection. Ayoglu’s creative methodology stems from his years of research into the artistic endeavours of various cultures through history, looking deep into the past procedures artists have used as a means for solving the more complex efficacies of art. Through his efforts and self-extension, Dimitri has been celebrated as one of the hundred best modern artists of the world. This title was granted to him at a Modern Art Exhibition in 2002, Paris, France. Apart from this monumental achievement and his many various international exhibitions, his works are currently safely stored in private collections across Europe.

Lines of Love | Oil on Canvas | 70cm × 70cm

New Space | Acrylic on Canvas | 70cm × 50cm

Ayoglu’s style has emerged from great experimentation and poignant investigation with form, colour, and the creation of dimensions in art. He believes that it is from these core concepts that all forms of painting have emerged. Having studied Eastern and Western cultures, he has synthesised an artistic realm that can be appreciated globally across borders. His work is not solely a physical research but a psychological one into symbolism and self-rumination that allows him to reach deeply into the soul of the viewer and capture their attention regardless of their ethnic identity.

Dimitri uses symbolism with divine precision in his painting. The feminine figure features greatly in his work. To Ayoglu, the feminine form is a symbol of the fragility and strength of all life. “A feminine form is a pearl that bestows peace and life upon a painting,” Ayoglu says when describing his process and semiotics within his work. Through the manipulation of the figurative form, he divines the perfections and imperfections of life displayed within his creative realm.

Lunar Voyage | Oil on Canvas | 80cm × 70cm

To understand his artistic intentions, Ayoglu went into depth to describe the emotional complexities depicted within his painting of Girl with a Moon. Within the artwork, he has placed her head at the level of the moon, with a wall of colour behind to create an enticing romanticism laced with deep sadness and longing. Each element of the artwork, including the warmth of the evening clouds and the colours of the woman’s clothes are accurately intentional and deeply symbolic in the creation of a composition that is meant to transform the feminine figure into a work of art. Acculturing a sense of emptiness through the positioning of hollow forms and using the symbol of the moon to represent a deep sense of loneliness, Ayoglu pours his own psyche onto the canvas. Carefully combining his knowledge of form and structure with his own emotional and psychological observations, he creates a superlative world of contrast and beauty where form and shape dance together with the immateriality of colour to create an entire planet, which he calls Planet Ayoglu.

Girl with a Moon | Oil on Canvas | 30cm × 30cm

Ayoglu hopes to introduce the world to his facetted and multidimensional artistic space in order to give to the history of art. In doing so, he hopes to contribute to the betterment of the world and bring joy to those who share his deep love for the subject.

Wolf Times | Oil on Canvas | 70cm × 50cm